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24/7 Towing Service from Peabody, Massachusetts

Offer, 24-7 Towing Service in Peabody, MA      

It doesn't matter if it's late at night, the weekend, or a holiday—when you're experiencing car trouble, you need help now. Depend on Four Star Service Inc., based in Peabody, Massachusetts, and our 24/7 towing service to respond swiftly to your auto emergency and get you back on the road.

Our Company Offers These Services to You:

• Short-Distance Towing
• Long-Distance Towing
• Equipment Towing
• Road Service
• Auto Repairs
• Auto Sales
• Auto Glass Replacement
• Junk Car Removal


Four Star Service Advantages
Only professionals work for us. They come to us with years, even decades, of experience and certifications in auto repair and bodywork, sales, and towing experience. Our specialties are short- and long-distance towing.

Our office intersects with major highways, such as Route 128, Route 95, and Route 114, so we are conveniently located to serve you. In addition, we accept Voyager™ and Wright™ cards for payment.


Our family bought the towing business in 1998, and immediately set about improving operations, by increasing the staff, buying modern equipment and tow trucks, opening a new facility, and adding services, such as auto glass replacement. We are proud to have served the city of Peabody for 50 years.

Contact our 24/7 towing service to take care of any car problems you might have while on the road.
Hours of Operation: 24/7 Towing, Road Service, and Dispatching

Office Hours:
Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Proudly Serving: Peabody, Danvers, Salem, Middleton, Lynnfield,
& Surrounding Towns, as Well as All of New England

Member: North Shore Chamber of Commerce